Why Buy DIY Supplies Online?

You might be more familiar with going out to buy your DIY supplies from a huge showroom like Homebase but there are many reasons for you to start ordering your supplies online. Here are but a few.

Lower prices online than in shops

Unlike Homebase or your local hardware shop, online retailers such as DIY Tools and Walls and Floors don't have to pay for a huge customer friendly showroom. They pass on these savings to you helping your DIY projects come in under budget. Try sites like Cheapest DIY reviews to look through 1000s of products to find what's right for you.

Wider product range that's easier to search

The great thing about websites is that they're interactive. Simply type in what you want into the search bar and the site will bring you a selection of things you need in under a second. How's that for customer service.

Compare suppliers side by side for the lowest price

We'd all love to be able to be in two places at the same time. Unfortunately we can't so whereas you'd have to drive between different shops, on the internet you can just open two windows/tabs at the same time and compare two suppliers side by side to get the lowest price.

No more searching for parking spaces

So you've made it to the shop through multiple traffic jams and a few wrong turns in the confusing industrial estate, now for the game of roulette that is finding a parking space. You're busy and you don't need this.

No more heavy lifting and wonky-wheeled trolleys

There's nothing worse than having to wheel around heavy sheets of plywood, 20kg bags of plaster and fragile items up and down endless aisles on a trolley that has far-right tendencies. A few clicks is all it takes to load up your trolley online and make it to the checkout.

No more going to the shop to find they've sold out

You've finally got some time off work and you're all ready to start your DIY project. But when you get to the shop and find that they've inevitably sold out of at least one of the items you need, you're faced with the decision: settle for second best, drive 10miles to the next shop, or put off your DIY project for another time. Smart people order their DIY supplies online a few days in advance and can start when they want.

No more having to ask clueless employees for help

I find they often just blag it when they don't know what you're asking about. This is really unhelpful but when buying online there are countless resources to find out exactly what you need to know.

No more having to go home to remeasure

However many times you measure, remeasure and measure again for luck, whenever you make it to the shop, you're always bombarded with doubts. How will that blind fit in my window?! Usually you'll chance it and find yourself back again at the shop an hour later queueing for the returns counter.

No more waiting in checkout queues

Once you've finally made it to the checkout and walked all around the shop, you're then faced with queues and having to scramble around looking for your barcodes when it is finally your turn.

No more ruining your car with building materials

If you've ever had a bag of plaster split as you put it in your car or had a pot of paint spill as you go round a sharp bend, you'll know how infuriating this one is.